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Walkstick & Wallstick

A complete program of professional outdoor luminaires with an accent lighting effect and a rigorous and minimal design, ideal for residential and landscape projects.

Designer Antonio Citterio
Product Walkstick Wallstick
Photography Tommaso Sartori, Piero Fasanotto

« If we were to identify inspiration from nature in my work, it lies precisely in this lamp, where we find the typical way a branch is connected to its trunk. It is an organic, natural connection; it does not look for mediation in planes or corners, recalling the idea of a trunk grafted with LEDs. It is an unpretentious design. I like this sort of anonymity. It is an attitude that favours the illumination of nature rather than ‘designing’ what illuminates nature. »

– Antonio Citterio



The essential style of Walkstick plays with cutting-edge optic technology integrating up to two lighting heads in one single bollard. The result is an organic, natural connection that plays with a subtle design letting Nature take centre stage.



Walkstick’s versatility is best expressed in the two-light version, which can be oriented over a 350° range on the horizontal axis and the two lights can be combined with different angles as needed.



A pure compact shape designed to be recessed into walls. Thanks to its unique adjustable lighting head Wallstick allows to create dramatic lighting effects gaining an incredible flexibility and fully integrating into the architecture.


The head of the light can be adjusted vertically 350º, allowing for maximum flexibility of use and reaching even the most hidden corners of a footpath.



«I prefer giving light to nature rather than emphasizing the shape of the object that gives light.»

– Antonio Citterio

Walkstick Pipe

The design rigour of the Walkstick collection is minimised in the Pipe version. The technological innovation of the LED light source allows the maximum reduction of the head of the bollard. Minimal, mimetic object, almost disappearing into the nature and the architecture of the outdoor spaces, enhances the effect of a diffuse lighting beam.


Outdoor luminaire consisting of a tubular light emitting head orientable up to 350° on the horizontal axis, ±5º on the vertical axis, suitable for floor installations (ground or buried) and with integrated power supply.

HyperFocal: 0

The Pipe version offers a head with minimal design, coherent with the style of the Walkstick collection, pure and elegant in its function of an orientable light diffuser.


Designer Antonio Citterio
Product Walkstick Wallstick
Photography Tommaso Sartori, Piero Fasanotto