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The Micro Running Magnet

Innovative program of ultra-miniaturized structures in recessed and surface versions. Compatible with a wide range of professional lighting solutions by means of magnetic fixing. The ultimate solution for exhibition lighting.

Product The Micro Running Magnet
Designer Flos Architectural

The quintessence of integrated light

Obtained thanks to a profile of only 5 mm that allows the total integration of micro-devices designed to be combined with the structure until they disappear almost completely.


Only 5 mm wide

The incredibly small profile size that characterizes the program enhances the light’s flexibility and its relationship with the architecture.

The lighting bodies are installed by means of a magnetic support inside the profile, providing an unparalleled ease of use.

Copper core patented by FLOS covered with a special conductive layer: thanks to our technology, it allows maximum integration, as it is black like the rest of the profile interior.


The ultimate solution for exhibition lighting

A complete and professional program that, in addition to its reduced dimensions, provides a balanced and attractive light to highlight each object in the best way and in 360º.






Complete range of micro-projectors available in various powers and sizes. They all include professional acrylic stabilized micro-lenses for a maximum control of lighting effects.




Magnetic fixing of the luminaries, which allows hot handling. The lighting bodies can be moved when they are still on, achieving enormous flexibility and adaptability in the configuration at any time.


Best Practice

1. LED micro-projectors with integrated cut-off solutions and dedicated lenses to create contrasts and light accents.

2. Complete linear micro-profile with opal diffuser screen for diffused light details.

3. Linear wall-washer micro-profile with patented lens for controlled asymmetric light effects.


Different control options can be adapted to any need.


DALI: Broadcast control of the luminaires.


1-10V: Broadcasting remote control (dimming of all the luminaires in a single group).


CASAMBI: Broadcast control of the luminaires directly through a tablet or smartphone application (FLOS Control®).


FLOS CONTROL ® By Casambi: The FLOS Control® application allows you to control the system’s luminaires as a group, controlling scenes and programming. With a traditional electrical installation and the Gateway connected by Bluetooth, you obtain total control of the ambience.


Product The Micro Running Magnet
Designer Flos Architectural