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The Fast Track

A system capable of moving and guide motorised projectors along a structure. High efficiency versions with optics from superspot to flood. Easy handling through the exclusive FLOS Control®.

Product The Fast Track
Designer Flos Architectural

Flos moves to an unprecedented level. Exclusive translation and orientation movement of a projectors system capable of being programmed and controlled remotely with FLOS Control®. Extreme technology & simplicity of service.


The light in motion

Revolutionary product that allows movement management in the three axes: rotation, tilting and translation.



Flos Control® powered by CASAMBI

Thanks to the application you can set up each luminaire, save their orientation and generate a lighting scenario. The application also offers the possibility of scenario management and scheduled activation.

Learn more about the Flos Control® system.

Learn more about the Flos Control® system + The Fast Track.


Professional features

A complete range of professional spotlights such as Spot 100 or Spot 150 and various power and optical options, from super spot to flood.

  1. Versions with high-effi ciency multi-lens optics with up to 4-degree angles are available.

  2. Honeycomb accessory for a perfect visual control and shielding.



Product The Fast Track
Designer Flos Architectural