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Super Line Pro

Efficient and delicate luminaire featuring a high technological level. It is composed of a bar combining direct and indirect light and held by two coaxial cables that provide support and electrical wiring. Perfect for offices or places that require high lighting efficiency and comfort.

Designer Flos Architectural
Product Super Line & Super Line Pro
Animation (Alessandro Barzaghi)

New Super Line Pro

Comfortable lighting in an incredibly slim profile. Super Line Pro has been designed to meet all requirements to reduce glare and improve visual comfort in offices, complying with the most restrictive conditions.


Visual Comfort

The patented optical unit that characterizes Super Line Pro consists of a modular optical raster with four-sided cells combined with a primary lens. The optic group guarantuees high quality task lighting on the surface reaching up to 750lx while maintaining great visual comfort with a UGR below 16 and a maximum intensity value lower than 3000 cd at an angle of 65º.


Patented optical unit

The light source used for managing the direct emission is positioned far back inside the profile in order to seize the maximum control of the direct glare. The patented optical unit was specifically developed for applications in Office environments. The main lens is made of PMMA. It features a dedicated surface texturing and Frosted finish to guarantee the maximum homogeneity of the lighting effect.

1 Extreme shielding angle that does not compromise the ultra-compact dimensions and high efficiency values. 2 Integrated LED PCB. 3 Textured primary lens.



Super Line Pro features

1 The ceiling installation is carried out by means of a patented recessing system for quick adjustment that allows you to adjust the cables length during the installation.

2 The device’s cable outlet is individual for direct and indirect emission control, and is marked by a specific printed element showing the words “Up Light” and “Down Light”.

3 The upper profile of the luminaire has been developed in combination with the lens to prevent indirect light from hitting it, which would cause an unpleasant glare to the eye.


Super Line

Super Line is equipped with a special multilayer diffusion filter which, thanks to its combination of elliptical and prism-shaped cells, ensures that the light is perfectly distributed and improves the overall visual effect, as well as providing comfort with its anti-glare properties.


Super Line features

1 Direct emission. The special opal diffuser that completes the luminaire, characterizing the direct emission, ensures maximum uniformity and a practically Lambertian distribution.

2 Indirect emission. Although its dimensions are extra compact and the LED tips are close to the diffuser, it offers homogeneous light distribution. The LED sources are not visible.



Designer Flos Architectural
Product Super Line & Super Line Pro
Animation (Alessandro Barzaghi)