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Diversion by Piero Lissoni

Innovative minimized profile system designed by Piero Lissoni for surface and suspended installation characterized by an extreme flexibility. A multifunctional rail integrating light and small spots to adapt to any architectural need allowing to create countless geometries

Designer Piero Lissoni
Product Diversion
Art Director Enrico Magistro
Animation Alessandro Barzaghi

               –Piero Lissoni

“For me the light is a special scratch inside a shadow. And all the technologies help me to scratch this shadow and to put inside the small light”.


Profiles can combine to obtain endless configurations. Every detail has been conceived as part of a complete program, the result is a perfectly balanced, highly stylish yet almost invisible lighting solution.

A minimal line only 34 mm height, achieved through the extreme miniaturization of the electronics and the optical bodies. Diversion offers a complete collection of lighting tools for any need.


The key for Diversion

A special tool has been designed together with the patented mechanical joint to lock profiles in position feeding them at the same time.


The key for Diversion to achieve creative and versatile geometries is a unique patented connection joint that allows the profiles to create 360º configurations, easily connecting up to 8 profiles together.
A revolution in system lighting.

Integrated switch:

Each single profile features an embedded switch at both ends. This allows to block the electricity flow being able to feed a complex structure from multiple feeding points.


Uplight selector:

The entire system is controlled simultaneously. Nevertheless, modules featuring indirect light emission have a top switch to dim uplight to 50%.


Patented joint:

The special joint system locks the profiles into position allowing to combine up to 8 of them together. Electricity comes into the profiles redirected through this key component.



Diversion is available in a complete professional range including two different profiles that feature direct emission or direct/indirect emission. Maximum length available for a single profile is 2500mm.

Both versions can also combine accent lighting thanks to a dedicated solution allowing to integrate up to two Atom Spots.



Almost any kind of layout is achievable thanks to the versatility of the system. From pure geometric compositions up to free shapes, combining both Surface and Suspension modules to obtain an eye-catching 3D configuration.




Atom Spots

With the exquisite design touch of Piero Lissoni, the Diversion system is the natural frame where to install Atom: a series of spotlights in two different sizes, perfect for an accent lighting. Available in two sizes, Atom provides the highest comfort level thanks to the deep position of the optic and the screening accessories included with each spot (honeycomb and screening crosspiece). Completed by a perfectly even and focused lighting.

All Diversion profiles preset to integrate accent lighting allow to install up to two Atom Projectors. Accent lighting has a fixed positioning within the profile to balance the structure and assure maximum visual cleaning in all configurations.

Up & Down lighting

The direct emission ensures the utmost visual comfort thanks to a highly recessed position of the LED sources that remain hidden from view. The indirect emission provides an even more comfortable visual experience in the room.


Up & Down lighting + Spots

Spotlights combined with the soft even emission that comes from all profiles can radically change the appearance of almost any scene, allowing designers to play with contrasts and highlights.


Push Dimming:Control trough a simple pushbutton.


DALI: standard protocol for integration with any control system.


1-10V: track control trough a dimmer device.


Casambi: in broadcast: track wireless control trough the CASAMBI app, available for iOS and Android devices.

Different control options for dimming the Diversion, all available for remote recessed or surface installation.



Designer Piero Lissoni
Product Diversion
Art Director Enrico Magistro
Animation Alessandro Barzaghi