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C1 by Vincent Van Duysen

The simple cylinder shape hides an intelligent mechanism that makes the lighting body incredibly flexible.

Product C 1
Designer Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen presents C1, an adjustable luminaire that is unique in its elegance and simplicity. Available in two sizes, designed for either ceiling or wall applications. The power range available and the dedicated optics kit make C1 ideal for home and hotel applications.


Visual comfort and flexibility

The optic group is set deep within the body to hide the light source from the eye while controlling the direct illuminance for the utmost comfort. The special node, integrated into the product body, can be removed and angled by 60° on the vertical axis and 355° on the horizontal axis.


C1 wall version

The wall-mounted version is available for both single and double emission applications. The lenses guarantee a soft and diffuse light that is suitable for general room lighting.


A concentrated spot emission is available for applications where reading light is required and is also ideal for creating a relaxing nocturnal environment.


Product C 1
Designer Vincent Van Duysen