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WireLine by Formafantasma lights up miart 2019

Flos takes part to the International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art in Milan with a site-specific lighting installation.

Flos is technical sponsor at miart 2019 (5-7 April) with a site-specific lighting installation in the exhibition’s VIP Lounge and restaurant area. Entrusted for this edition to Formafantasma, the installation will focus on the new suspension lamp WireLine, an object that can be positioned half way between art and industrial design.

The Italian artist duo Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin’s first collaboration as industrial designers started with Flos in 2017 with the launch of the sculptural lamp WireRing, which obtained a huge success of public and critic. Further elaborating on some of the design principles of their previous lamp, for WireLine Formafantasma is again using the power cable as one of the main design features. Flattened to resemble a belt made of rubber and hanging from the ceiling, the cable holds a ribbed glass extrusion containing an LED light source. The lamp plays on the contrast between the industrial feeling of the rubber and the sophistication of glass. It can be installed as a single piece or repeated to obtain elaborate visual compositions.

As part of the miartalks 2019, on Sunday 7th April at 12.00 pm, Formafantasma will take part to the panel discussion Design for the Common Good – We have arrived at a time when design is widely recognised as a valuable tool and process for improving systems across society, from government to business, healthcare to education. Do we design for the common good today? How may we think of design as a reason to shape a better future?