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Flos at dxb Dubai Design Week 2017

On the occasion of Dubai Design Week 2017, FLOS collaborated with architecture and design Studio SVENM to showcase an outstanding installation of Arrangements, the latest creation for Flos by world acclaimed artist and designer Michael Anastassiades. This exhibition marked Flos’ first official participation in dxb Design Week, as well as the UAE debut of this artistic lighting product.
Michael Anastassiades_ph. credits SGP
Michael Anastassiades with Arrangements
SVENM Architecture & Design Studio in Alserkal Avenue
Sven Mueller, Michael Anastassiades, Carlo Moro
Michael Anastassiades, Sven Mueller, Shahab Lutfi Harmoozi, Carlo Moro

Conceived as pure geometric lights drawing multiple combinations of elegant jewel-like chandeliers, Arrangements is a precious piece of art as well as an unprecedented modular lighting system which was revealed for the first time by Flos at this year’s Euroluce – Salone del Mobile in Milan.

“I have always been fascinated with the parallel that exists between Lighting and Jewelry. Starting from the simple fact of how each piece relates to the human scale: one is designed to be worn on the body whereas the other is made to decorate the space someone occupies. I’m challenged in how the delicate nature of something small can be translated spatially and still manage to retain its preciousness in the way materials are presented. It is no coincidence that the word ‘pendant’ has a double meaning. Existing both as a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn round the neck, and a light designed to hang from the ceiling.
Arrangements is a modular system of geometric light elements that could be combined in different ways, creating multiple compositions into individual chandeliers. Each unit simply attaches onto the previous one as if resting, balancing perfectly as part of a glowing chain.”    Michael Anastassiades