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Bon Jour a tout le monde

BON JOUR Unplugged is the wireless table version of the collection designed by Philippe Starck for Flos.

Basic, small and light, highly technological, thanks to the revolutionary Edge Lighting Technology, BON JOUR Unplugged is the lamp designed to follow you from the moment you wake up until the evening, in every room or outside your home, in every moment of the day or any adventure. The supplied charger allows you to fully charge the lamp in three hours, with six hours of battery life if used at its highest luminous intensity. By using the dimmer switch under the base, you can adjust the luminous flux from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 100%, by choosing among four possible intensities.

BON JOUR Unplugged and its accessories come in different finishings and colours: white, chrome, matt chrome and copper for the body; transparent, yellow, amber or fumée for the interchangeable crown to be paired to your lamp. By purchasing more crowns, you will have a lamp that changes according to your moods, in the different spaces of your home: a small, precious, new friendship.