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Flos Control

Powered by CASAMBI

We make it easier than ever to use smart lighting to take your designs to the next level, with just a basic electrical installation.


“The control stays in your pocket”

Configuration & control via mobile app*
Simple interface
No additional interface needed
Maximum personalization

* Displacement functions available just for the Fast Track solution


Intuitive control

The App employs intuitive gesture control: tap a luminaire to turn it on or off, swipe side to side to adjust brightness, up and down for color temperature, or hold to change the color.

The gallery feature even lets users upload their own photos of a space, mark the positions of the luminaires, and use this to select and control them.

Users can recall preset scenes, animations and dim levels, and set the lighting scene to change at a particular time.


About the technology


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) stands for a communication technology that’s far better suited to controlling lights.
BLE allows a mobile device to communicate directly with a luminaire (no gateway required), and luminaires to communicate with each other.
BLE also has the considerable advantage of being the only low-power radio communication technology that’s built into every modern smartphone, laptop and tablet.

fotografía Theatre Theodore Gouvy by Eugeni Pons

A miniaturized version of the Casambi BLE Module has been integrated into our most famous Architectural Solutions for a professional individual control of each single luminaire.


Collections not featuring Casambi integrated can be still controlled through an external device. Drivers featuring Casambi are available for most of our product families as well as independent remote Casambi modules to be installed for an immediate broadcast control.