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Opening of the new Flagship Store

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, Flos announces the reopening of its flagship store in Milan after a major renovation and expansion entrusted to the Calvi Brambilla studio

Place Flos Flagship Store Corso Monforte, 9 Milano - 9-14 April
Project Architect Calvi Brambilla

Opened in 1968, just a few years after the company was founded, the Flos retail store, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, occupied the ground floor of a building located in the central Corso Monforte, at number 9, and constructed between 1963 and 1966 by an equally illustrious Milanese architect, Luigi Caccia Dominioni. The re-styling, begun by Flos last year, was not limited merely to renovating the historic space on the ground floor. The entire upper floor was also added, while the basement level was expanded, tripling the total surface area of the retail space.


Architects Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla reinterpreted the architectural arrangement of the spaces and created a new system for displaying the products, always in full respect of the brand’s history and philosophy.




The entire store has been conceived as a flexible and changing space that becomes a real communication tool for the brand, supporting and complementing the company’s digital channels. These days real and virtual spaces blend and integrate with one another. It was this very concept that was the basis for the design: no longer a traditional retail store where products are simply on display, but rather a space that is constantly being updated, keeping pace with the speed of modern communication, in which content is always alive and changing, just like on a social media wall, the objective being to make the relationship between the visitor and the object more complete and more engaging.




For the new product display concept, the Calvi Brambilla studio drew inspiration from some of the works by American artist Donald Judd, coming up with a system of flexible, two-faced panels to be inserted within the display cases to create wings or micro-environments for table, floor, and ceiling lamps. The configuration, colour, and finish of the panels, which have natural oak frames, can be easily and quickly changed with a selection of various Kvadrat fabric coverings, depending on the products that they will be showcasing.






The making of





Place Flos Flagship Store Corso Monforte, 9 Milano - 9-14 April
Project Architect Calvi Brambilla