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Caule by Patricia Urquiola

« Caule is an outdoor collection with simple understated lines yet strong style identity. Copying the botanical structure of a flower, the collection features a real flexible slender stem, almost a natural element, a subtle addition to any outdoor setting. »
Patricia Urquiola.

Product Caule family
Designer Patricia Urquiola
Photography Tommaso Sartori, Piero Fasanotto



Unlimited configurations

Available in different heights and configurations, Caule comes in different materials and surface finishes that give free rein to the interpretation of your exterior environment. Unlimited configurations are possible by combining the different available solutions.

Left: Caule Bollard
Right: Caule Floor

Visual Comfort

All Caule variations guarantee enhanced visual comfort thanks to the recessed position of the light source and the use of specific lenses to control light emission, thereby avoiding direct glare.


Nest Version

The exclusive Nest version is embellished with an unusual detail. In fact, the optical unit is wrapped in a special metallic mesh that guarantees perfect insertion of the product in any outdoor context, concealing it during the day and creating unusual, fascinating plays of light and shadow after dark.


Bollard version

The Bollard versions may be easily installed on any flooring on the ground with anchors, or with the dedicated installation box to completely integrate the base of the product with the pavement, creating at the same time a compartment for the electrical connection.


Product Caule family
Designer Patricia Urquiola
Photography Tommaso Sartori, Piero Fasanotto