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Captain Flint Outdoor

The sophisticated indoor floor lamp designed by Michael Anastassiades in 2015 is taken outside to illuminate open spaces while engaging with natural landscapes and exterior architecture.

Product Captain Flint Outdoor
Designer Michael Anastassiades
Photography Tommaso Sartori

New Captain Flint Wall

The Captain Flint family expands with a new wall feature. The iconic floor lamp by Michael Anastassiades is presented in a new configuration for both exterior and interior walls, yet preserves the minimal perfection of the cone.


Captain Flint floor, the origin


I wanted to design a light that had a dual purpose. To be an uplighter illuminating the space with enough ambient lighting, while at the same time to be rotated and directed down; to become a dim companion for reading. The notion of balance is prominent in this fixture, a cone resting delicately on its point on a rotating horizontal metal rod. The base is in marble or stone, bringing an element of preciousness, stability and presence.

– Michael Anastassiades


Direct or indirect light:
you choose.

The “invisible” system that maintains the equilibrium of the conical diffuser and the thin tubular structure also allows the diffuser to be rotated into 8 different positions. The lighting beam can be pointed downwards for direct light or against the wall for a smooth ambient halo.


Special outdoor protection IP65

The Captain Flint has been adapted with materials, finishes and technological waterproof engineering that meet the requirements for outdoor lighting fixtures.



Natural integration

The unique base for the Captain Flint embodies an elegant natural design, in harmony with the colours and textures of outdoor spaces.

The body and head of the lamp are available in five finishes, combined with just as many refined materials for the base: Red burgundy with Black lava marble stone, Deep brown body with travertino imperiale stone, Stainless steel body with occhio di pernice lava stone, Black body with black lava stone, Brass body with grey lava stone.

Product Captain Flint Outdoor
Designer Michael Anastassiades
Photography Tommaso Sartori