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A Lighting Manifesto

“Today, like never before, we must find the synthesis of emotions, technology, poetry, needs, messages, aesthetic and political values. It is not just changing the technique but the society itself and our behaviors, both public and private. We must push beyond our capabilities and imagination to improve people’s lives… with the same poetry as the light in the ancient flame of a campfire under the stars.” As Piero Gandini declares.

If the future is now, what will artificial lighting of tomorrow be?

In the Flos vision, there are and always will be totally new types of lighting. New ones that have to be studied, developed and produced with a radical, groundbreaking attitude, and still balancing it with the cultural rigor on which Flos was founded.

All lighting environments must be designed like this, starting from the house, with the Home Division. The 2017 collection is a prime example, where the architects, designers and design-artists have been creating the icons of tomorrow, producing lighting fixtures as sculptures, balancing acts of form, playing games.

The Flos Architectural line encompasses a wider, environmental vision to include the workplace, entertainment and even the non-places of mass consumption. Flos Outdoor focuses on natural spaces like gardens, parks and landscapes. As Philippe Starck says: “There is no difference between artificial and natural light. It’s just a matter of transmission – ions and photons remain the same.”


by Stefano Casciani


flos_philosophy_2017_Professional_Space_Infra-Structure_Vincent_Van Duysen_02
Vincent Van Duysen, Infra-Structure, Flos Professional Space, Milan 2016
flos_philosophy_2017_Michael_Anastassiades_Arrangement, _03
Michael Anastassiades with Arrangements, Euroluce 2017
Outdoot Flos Catalogue, Casting Concrete by Vincent Van Duysen, Photo Tommaso Sartori, 2017
Nendo with Gaku, Euroluce 2017
Konstantin Grcic with Noctambule, Euroluce 2017