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‘On Light, Design and Life’: Flos for the 2020 Milano Design Film Festival

Produced by C41, the short film highlights some of the most meaningful storytelling videos featured on from 2017 until 2020.
1. Michael Anastassiades – 8
Michael Anastassiades, still frame from 'On Light, Design and Life'
1. Michael Anastassiades – 4
2. Formafantasma – 8
Formafantasma, still frame from 'On Light, Design and Life'
2. Formafantasma – 4
3. Mario Bellini and Chiara – 6
3. Mario Bellini and Chiara – 11
Mario Bellini, still frame from 'On Light, Design and Life'
4. Jules Gim – 5
4. Jules Gim – 6
Jules Gim, still frame from 'On Light, Design and Life'
5. Ramy Fischler – 8
Ramy Fischler, still frame from 'On Light, Design and Life'
5. Ramy Fischler – 5
6. Stanislava Pinchuk – 1
6. Stanislava Pinchuk – 5
Miso, still frame from 'On Light, Design and Life'

Flos is is pleased to renew its partnership with the Milano Design Film Festival for the eighth edition of this event devoted to design and architecture in film, scheduled to take place for free streaming on from November 6 to 8.

This year Flos will present an original short film called On Light, Design and Life, a journey into some of the most meaningful and poetic video contents featured on the Flos website from 2017 until today.

On light, design and life
Flos & C41, Italy 2017-2020, 17’45”
English, French, Italian – English subtitles
Category: Design

Friday 6 November, h. 22.15
Sunday 8 November, h. 18.00
(free streaming)


Flos has embarked on a metaphorical and literal journey to create a portrait of the world of design through varied and unprecedented perspectives. In collaboration with C41, diverse approaches have been developed to capture the image of different entities, with a sole objective: to explore design by showing the world around it.

The “Light Minded” series concentrates on the design masters who Flos collaborates with to create new lighting icons, as we join them for a “typical day”: Michael Anastassiades, in London; Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin (Formafantasma) in Amsterdam. And Mario Bellini, in Milan, who explains the origin and different details of his Chiara lamp.

The “Flos Studios” series takes a slightly more technical direction, telling the different stories of industry professionals so that we can appreciate the person and their thought process: we meet designer Jules Gim in New York and interior designer Ramy Fischler in Paris.

This journey into design ends with an experiment entitled “Flos Friends”. Taking a step away from the theme of light, Flos seeks interesting personalities from the creative panorama and combines their narrative portrait with a lamp that reflects their essence and acts as a starting point from which the polyhedric personalities chosen for the series can naturally develop on. Artist MISO, aka Stanislava Pinchuk from Paris, interacts with String Lights by Anastassiades, which becomes the binary metaphor for her artistic practice and the value she attributes to human connections and relationships.