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Infra-Structure Episode 2 wins the 2021 Wallpaper* Design Awards

The innovative, modular lighting system designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Flos has been awarded as Best Dining Experience lighting product.
Infra-Structure Episode 2_by V Van Duysen ©Eugeni Pons_Hierba (2)_result
©Eugeni Pons
Apartment for a couple, Mirano (VE), Italy. Architect: Andrea Nalesso, 2019.

The highly awaited Wallpaper* Design Awards have been released and Infra-Structure Episode 2, designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Flos wins as best lighting product in the Best Dining Experience category for 2021.

“The awards are not only an honour roll of outstanding places, products and people, but also a testament to design’s ability to respond to evolving needs, lift our spirits, and serve the public good.” Sarah Douglas, Wallpaper* magazine Editor-in-Chief

Infra-Structure Episode 2 offers a unique lighting solution for any residential or retail architectural project and any kind of big area spaces, where its exclusive design, innovative technology and modularity allow to create different multi-directional geometries at infinite levels and heights. Expressing utility through form, this lighting system is a striking display of industrial performance and modular design, and an exercise in elegant restraint.