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Flos is technical partner at miart 2018 with Michael Anastassiades

Invited for the first time by the International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art in Milan, Flos and the acclaimed London-based, Cypriot-born designer present an emotional light installation in the exhibition's VIP Lounge.

Flos is technical partner at miart 2018 (13-15 April) with a site-specific light installation in the restaurant area of the exhibition’s VIP Lounge. The product featured in the project is Arrangements, an outstanding lighting system created by Michael Anastassiades. Midway between a work of art and an industrial design object, it will be launched officially to the international public at the brand’s Milanese showroom during the forthcoming Design Week.

As part of the 2018 miartalks, on Sunday 15th April at 5.30 pm, Michael will also be a speaker of the panel discussion around the subject A Better Future: Imagination and Design. Much of modern life feels broken or in a state of flux. As an agent for positive change, the power and potential for design have never been greater. How can we effectively use design to help interrogate our current reality and imagine a better future?

Michael Anastassiades has been working successfully with Flos since 2013. The products he has designed over the years, including String Lights, IC Lights, Copycat and Captain Flint, have won top industry awards and been hugely successful with the international public. The poetic nature of his designs, combined with his skillful use of highly innovative lighting technology solutions, makes every work unique and surprisingly emotional.