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Flos presents its new 2020 Collections at Milano Design City

With brand new installations which unveil all novelties in the decorative, architectural and outdoor catalogues, Flos invites visitors to book an actual or virtual tour and enjoy the ultimate experience in lighting design.
Coordinates and Last Order by Michael Anastassiades
Chiara by Mario Bellini
Chiara and Chiara Small by Mario Bellini
Diabolo and Lampadina by Achille Castiglioni
Flos Professional Space, Milan. Photo Francesco Caredda
Coordinates by Michael Anastassiades
Infra-Structure Episode 2 by Vincent Van Duysen
Infra-Structure Episode 2 by Vincent Van Duysen
Infra-Structure Episode 2 by Vincent Van Duysen
Belt by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
Flos Professional Space - The Visual Comfort Room
Super Line by Flos Architectural
Oblique by Vincent Van Duysen
Light Shadow Pro by Flos Architectural
Camera by Knud Holscher
The Micro Running Magnet by Flos Architectural
The Micro Running Magnet by Flos Architectural
Flos Outdoor
Flos Outdoor
In Vitro by Philippe Starck
Walkstick & Wallstick by Antonio Citterio
Bellhop Outdoor by Barber Osgerby
IC Light Outdoor by michael Anastassiades

On the occasion of Milano Design City, the autumn design week promoted by the Comune di Milano to bring the public into closer contact with design in the territory, Flos is proud to present all the 2020 novelties in the Flos Decorative, Flos Architectural and Flos Outdoor collections.

At its historic Milan flagship store in Corso Monforte 9, Flos is presenting new iconic lighting objects from the Decorative catalogue. On display in the shop window is Coordinates, the spectacular range of luminous suspended grids by Michael Anastassiades, together with the eagerly awaited reissue of the Chiara light, designed by Mario Bellini in 1969, now with the addition of a smaller, table lamp version. A preview can be seen of an exclusive video interview with the great Italian designer, made for Flos by C41, in which he reveals the origins of this iconic light, a cult object for design enthusiasts.

Also on display to the public for the first time are: Last Order, the small, finely crafted battery-operated table lamp, also by Anastassiades; Mayday Anniversary, a Limited Edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brilliant lamp designed by Konstantin Grcic, winner of the Compasso d’Oro award; and finally Diabolo, the 1998 suspension light that can be moved up and down: the product of Achille Castiglioni’s genius and his last project for Flos, it has been re-engineered with expert skill by the Flos technical office, and is finally reissued in a new range of sophisticated colours. A respectful expansion of the chromatic range, based on careful study of the use of colour in the work of the great designer, also features in the new finishes offered for Castiglioni’s Lampadina (1972), a small timeless masterpiece that is known and acclaimed around the world.

Copies of the first two issues of Flos Stories, the brand new periodical produced by Flos with creative direction from Apartamento Studios, will be available in the shop. The magazine, released in print and digital version, has been conceived to introduce the new products each season through engaging and highly creative narrations, including artistic photo features and regular entertainment columns. Each issue follows a theme and presents a host of original stories about the objects, places and people who gravitate around the Flos universe or who are drawn to it through cultural affinity.

Meanwhile, in the space dedicated to the professional world, at no. 15 Corso Monforte, Flos is presenting the new Architectural collections with a site-specific installation curated by Calvi Brambilla. Among the new lighting systems, Infra-Structure Episode 2 by Vincent Van Duysen stands out for its geometric rigour, technical ingenuity and purity of form, while the sinuous and sophisticated Belt by the Bouroullec brothers eliminates the boundary between the decorative and professional worlds by bringing the fine and unusual detail of natural hand-crafted leather into a purely technical modular system.

Visitors are offered the opportunity to test the technical and emotional qualities of light in an area dedicated to visual experience, where new systems and high performance fixtures are displayed in miniaturized form and equipped with special anti-glare optical solutions patented by Flos Architectural. These include The Micro Running Magnet, Super Line Pro and Light Shadow Pro; Camera by Knud Holscher and the revolutionary Oblique task lamp designed by Vincent Van Duysen. Flos has always been dedicated to the study of visual comfort and a human-centered design philosophy. With its professional collection Flos can now demonstrate that it has achieved unprecedented standards of quality and style. Completing the lighting room is a presentation of the brand new application Flos Control: the simplest, most customizable and intuitive control system on the market, which regulates the intensity and temperature of the light in the different lighting fixtures in a location (in the home, office, shop or other situations), and programs the desired lighting settings.

The new families of outdoor lights from Flos Outdoor are displayed on the basement floor of the showroom in a striking setting. Having first been exhibited in preview at the last Salone del Mobile, they have been expanded to include a whole set of coordinated elements: floor lamps, wall lamps, suspension lights or bollards of different heights: from the minimal and technological elegance of Walkstick/Wallstick and Mile by Antonio Citterio, to the fine ethereal quality of In Vitro by Philippe Starck; and from the delicacy and strong stylistic identity of Caule by Patricia Urquiola. Another Urquiola project is the new Flauta series of wall lamps, available in indoor and outdoor versions, striking for its ultra-simple shape enhanced by unique surface texture.

The display in the Flos Professional Showroom in Milan is the second, after the Paris showroom, to apply a new installation concept, to be continued in the principal Flos showrooms around the world. Designed by the Milanese architects Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla, Design Curators at Flos, it features large three-dimensional lettering evoking the names of the lights on display. The project responds to the need to re-establish links with the local target market in all the countries of the world after the lockdown period, creating an experience of strong visual impact for visitors, both when physically present in the space, and when digitally connected.

The names of the Flos products are never merely arbitrary: on the contrary, they make explicit the underlying concept of their design. That is why the Local Connection display focuses on the names of each piece on show, expanding their meanings. The names Light Shadow, Super Line, Camera, Oblique and so on, turn into objects themselves, lit by the very lights they refer to.
It will not escape the visitor that this is an amused reference to that whole genre of modern art that works with the iconographic and onomatopoeic power of words, starting with the famous work LOVE, by Robert Indiana, that has become a landmark of Manhattan, and extending to many other contemporary artists who are also fascinated by the evocative power of the word.
In this display, however, the large three-dimensional letterings are not mere divertissements but genuine staging devices, designed to highlight the technical lighting performance of the different fixtures, and to emphasize their particular qualities.”  Calvi Brambilla

Architects, lighting designers and customers can book an actual visit or a virtual tour of the showroom through the new digital platform Book an Appointment, developed to offer the chance to schedule an individual meeting with a Flos brand ambassador, while complying in full with anti-COVID health and safety precautions.

On the occasion of Milano Design City, Flos is also presenting Elements of Light, the first Flos brand book dedicated to professionals in the sector. In this new book, with Spencer Bailey as editorial director, Flos seeks to offer a contemporary interpretation of its illustrious history and design philosophy, demonstrating its great ability to carry out the most varied and spectacular lighting projects, as well as the incomparable craftsmanship of all its production departments – Decorative, Architectural, Outdoor and Bespoke – in creating lighting objects of extraordinary beauty of form and functional quality.