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Flos E-commerce platform is ready

An accurate selection of products is now available on-line in Europe.
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15th September 2021 – Given the marketing opportunities of the on-line business and the recent increase of its strategic value, Flos launches its first E-commerce platform to directly deliver a carefully selected range of decorative and outdoor products in several European countries.

Update product images, exclusive editorial contents and an inspirational section divided “by Room” enrich the platform, considered not only as a sales channel, but a container offering value-added services and sharing stories behind the concept of the pieces, as well as the unique features of the brand. The highly technological, advanced software allows every single customer to enjoy an exceptional on-line shopping experience.

The launch of a global Flos e-commerce is part of Design Holding’s aim to design and implement a strong and ambitious e-commerce strategy for all its brands, to quicky take advantage of its unique brand propositions with a structured approach.

“The E-Commerce is among the main channels of expansion of our business in all countries, in large European markets, such as Germany and the United Kingdom, where the purchasing attitude of the final consumer is strongly directed to the online, but also in Asian markets, especially China, Japan and South Korea” Roberta Silva, Flos CEO.


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