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Corporate Responsibility



I am honoured to introduce you to the 2020 edition of Flos Group’s Sustainability Report, the recurring appointment that unveils our past performance and future aspirations. This can only be achieved with a profound and intimate conscience of who Flos is and what its key strategic drivers are as insofar as sustainability is concerned. For this reason, we hereby reaffirm our commitments as showcased with the publication of our Sustainability Policy and our full adherence to the principles outlined by the United Nations Global Compact and our contribution to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its Goals.

This year’s Report is made up of two fundamental components. The first one is continuity:  we are picking up from where we left off, continuing with the document’s structure as introduced in the last reporting period. Thus, the introduction is followed by three thematic chapters that directly recall our sustainability strategy and pillars – increasingly integrated into everyday operations. The environment and the impacts our operations can generate are dealt with in the first section, providing a glimpse of the legislative framework and how we are approaching responsibly and proactively the critical topics of our times – namely GHG emissions and circular economy. In particular, the latter is indeed one key aspect of our strategy, from the efficiency of processes to product innovation and the re-engineering of the icons that are an integral part of Flos’ legacy. The second section is dedicated to our people, the true enablers of the Group’s potential and the vital strength for its success and longevity across nations and generations. The last chapter entirely focuses on the role played by intangible resources, such as design and culture, to which we are inextricably intertwined.

The second essential component is vision – or in other words, the route we want to travel. An important update in the 2020 Sustainability Report is the establishment of transparent and accountable ESG targets we are committing to for the coming years. This constitutes a true watershed for our way of approaching sustainability topics, and it underpins the dedication towards our stakeholders and the call for a responsible business we have chosen to respond to years ago. Thus, we are disclosing objectives on emissions reduction, circularity, and waste management.

One of the most demanding commitments for Flos, and our focus, is the transition from a linear to a circular economy model, aiming at decoupling economic growth from the consumption of finite resources. We are continuously working on improving our work in all stages of design, engineering, and production across all connections and countries.

Last but not least, 2020 has been the year characterised by the Coronavirus pandemic that broke out in February and overnight revolutionised our way of working, behaving – and ultimately, living. Europe’s early stages of the pandemic were a confusing and challenging moment in terms of national regulations and restrictions. Nevertheless, Flos continued to support its entire network of suppliers, guaranteeing timely payments. On exiting lockdown, it also provided assistance for bureaucratic formalities to entities that were not equipped with adequate internal structures. These actions allowed our operations, people, and supply chain to recover following this unexpected setback and strengthen our foundations – allowing us to grow together. I could not be prouder of the Group’s work during this unprecedented emergency, and I would like to thank all our employees for the tireless efforts devoted to daily operations.




Roberta Silva – CEO