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Designed by Piero Lissoni, Pointbreak is a compact, pure shape declined in two different sizes ideal for residential lighting solutions, hospitality and public environments. Full visual comfort matches an even and professional light distribution able to manage all sorts of applications.

Product Pointbreak
Designer Piero Lissoni
Photography Tommaso Sartori

« All these lamps share what I think is a very important characteristic: the way they handle and move light across surfaces is extremely special and delicate. The presence of the light is almost imperceptible. They are objects that create light, a little like a candle. When you light a candle, it has a certain sensual effect on the surrounding environment. These lamps fulfil the same role. »

– Piero Lissoni



Pointbreak Bollard, an elegant design that achieves total visual comfort.

Pointbreak Bollard is designed with optics for 360º light projection and perfect halo attenuation. This new family of luminaires is available in a full range of professional light distributions, making it ideal for residential, hospitality and public projects.


Two different widths mean it can be adapted to any application. The Pointbreak family is made up of beacons and bollards in two different sizes: 80 mm or 120 mm wide.



Pointbreak Balisage

This subtle lighting solution highlights materials and surfaces with an exclusive grazing effect and guides users through the space with a minimal impact on the landscape.




Pointbreak Wall

The total absence of sharp edges allows playing with natural light and blending the product with the architecture. At night, the body of the luminaire is completely hidden, as is the light source, which is completely protected from view thanks to the standard full cut-off.


Pointbreak Ceiling

Its extremely compact shape and practicality for ceiling installation allows an easy management of the most complex spaces with reduced energy consumption and great light distribution possibilities, ideal for any lighting creation.




Product Pointbreak
Designer Piero Lissoni
Photography Tommaso Sartori


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