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Enhancing the durability

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Durability is a goal that can be achieved through the regenerative design, which extends the product life cycle optimizing reuse, refurbishment and recycling techniques.

In this direction Flos is developing new solutions to both reinvent iconic products and innovate with brand-new ones, including the most complex aspect of light design: the replacement of electric and other technological components.


>  The driver is probably the weakest point of an LED lighting unit, especially if you consider the long life of LED light sources. For this reason in many products Flos decided not to integrate the LED driver so that it can be easily replaced, if needed. Furthermore, the replacement has been made more efficient thanks to a toolfree plug&play system.

> The new Oblique professional table lamp, for instance, designed by Vincent van Duysen, is equipped with this settlement (in compliance with the En 12464-1). Similarly, the new Super Line Pro luminaire, a suspended bar for working spaces, has been provided with a remote driver that can be easily replaced or upgraded to a dimmable system.


Fostering the disassembly


Flos supports the research on disassembly and maintainability processes, that are facilitated by modularity. Since 2020 a new developing process has been adopted to allow the complete disassembly of new products.


> The new Bellhop Floor lamp by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, for example, can be entirely disassembled in all its elements: the concrete base, the aluminium stem, the glass reflector and the electronic components. This allows the replacement of parts and the product maintenance.

> To facilitate the disassembly, starting from 2021 the new products will be designed to be assembled without the use of glues.


Improving the materials selection and the production processes


Flos focuses on selecting materials and production processes that ensure environmental respect.


> 90% of Flos lighting fixtures are made by aluminium, a highly-recyclable material.

> In the new products plastic, if needed, has to be recycled and recyclable.

> The paints adopted are water-based and solvent-free.

> In many products (such as Super Line Pro) Flos replaced the galvanic chrome finishing with a metallization obtained by aluminium in high vacuum. This provides a similar-to-chrome and totally nickel free finishing outcome.


Sustainability Report 2020