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Flos Outdoor Lighting Catalogue

Produced with the art direction of Omar Sosa, the catalogue confirms the company’s revolutionary strategy of presenting even the professional range using creative documentation of great artistic value.
Art Photography ©Nicholas Alan Cope
Art Photography ©Nicholas Alan Cope
Casting, design Vincent Van Duysen, In-Place Photography ©Tommaso Sartori
45, design Tim Derhaag, In-Place Photography ©Tommaso Sartori
Belvedere, design Antonio Citterio assistant Toan Nguyen, In-Place Photography ©Tommaso Sartori
Romeo Outdoor, design Philippe Starck, In-Place Photography ©Tommaso Sartori
Camouflage, design Piero Lissoni, In-Place Photography ©Tommaso Sartori
Real Matter, design Piero Lissoni, In-Place Photography ©Tommaso Sartori
My Way, design Piero Lissoni, In-Place Photography ©Tommaso Sartori
Climber, design Piero Lissoni, In-Place Photography ©Tommaso Sartori
Outgraze, design Flos Outdoor, In-Place Photography ©Tommaso Sartori
A-Round, design Piero Lissoni, In-Place Photography ©Tommaso Sartori
Fenestra, design Flos Outdoor, In-Place Photography ©Tommaso Sartori
Art Photography ©Nicholas Alan Cope
Art Photography ©Nicholas Alan Cope
Art Photography ©Nicholas Alan Cope

With the format of a fine art photography book, a graphic design that is clean, precise and  elegant, refined images and sophisticated printing techniques, the catalogue is an emotional communication tool in which art, nature, design, culture and technology are all brought together by the sensitivity that typifies Flos.

“As in the fortunate Flos Architectural experience, our approach to this new adventure is also based on the relationship between technology and emotion.
In a world like outdoor lighting, one that is often so obsessed with technical specifications that it forgets the delicate and wonderful relationship between light and nature, our desire is to explore the poetry of open spaces in a new way. As a result, Flos Outdoor products are designed to satisfy contemporary technical lighting needs with precision, but also to define a new balance between technology, form, light and shade. That is why I asked designers like Piero Lissoni and Vincent Van Duysen, among the others, to join us with their sensitivity and precision on this journey. And why I asked Omar Sosa, with his extraordinary courage and talent, to accept the challenge of a catalogue that I believe, through the poetry of the images by Tommaso Sartori and Nicholas Cope, can convey our commitment, vision and enthusiasm.” Piero Gandini, Flos CEO

“Piero and I wanted to make an exceptional catalogue and beat the success of the architectural catalogue that I designed in 2013. We wanted to do something we’ve never seen before in this field. We conceived this catalogue as a photography art book meets a 1960’s Dieter Rams Braun catalogue. I wanted to combine the beauty and sophistication of a photography book with the simplicity and rigor of a technical catalogue. I’ve always imagined this as an art book first. That’s why we commissioned New York based photographer Nicholas Allan Cope to shoot a series of sculptural plants in the outdoor. Considering plants, trees and flowers as furniture is to an interior, we start the catalogue with this series. For the products, Tommaso Sartori photographed the collection in black and white in very radical and theatrical locations around Europe. The photography luxury printed in 3 different blacks and art paper has no limitations in reproducing the most subliminal gray tones. I hope people enjoy the collection and value the catalogue as an object to keep.” Omar Sosa, Art Director

Flos Outdoor is a collection created to illuminate open spaces through a new language, finding balance both by hiding in the natural landscape with discrete objects, and by conversing with the architecture through designs that have a unique identity. It is produced by new Group company Ares, the third production unit alongside the successful Home and Architectural sectors.