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Constantly working on human-centered design


If some years ago the industry underwent a paradigm shift from conventional lighting to LED – which unleashed less energy consumption together with automated and intelligently controlled system opportunities – attention is now moving towards the so-called “human centric lighting”, which considers the impacts of artificial light quality on people’s wellbeing and emotions.

From its very beginning in 1962, Flos has incorporated a holistic human-centered philosophy of lighting design. Flos aims to play an active role in the development of new innovative solutions that are able to enhance people’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

We know that an advanced optical group allows to avoid glare and to enhance the light control. In Flos the technical research on optic elements is always ongoing.

The patented optical group at the core of the Light Shadow family of downlights, the Black Line and Circle of Light systems, or the Super Line luminaire is one of the most representative: it provides the highest standards in efficiency and comfort, like outstanding glare protection, homogeneity in light distribution and delivered level of lighting (measured in lux) compliant to the most strict standards of the industry.


A key certification for a Sustainable Growth


We’re proud to announce that Flos Outdoor (Ares’ Bernareggio plant) achieved the EMS – Environmental Management System Certification – ISO 14001 in July 2020.

The outcomes of an environmental management system include the enhancement of environmental performance, the fulfilment of compliance obligations and the achievement of environmental objectives. EMS is the most relevant certification with regards to the sustainability policy, that also Flos’ Bovezzo plant (decorative collections) is going to obtain within 2021.

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One of the most impactful aspect of the outdoor lighting systems is the light pollution, that affects the natural plant and animal life rythms. Anticipating the international directive concerning this aspect, Flos has already achieved some relevant outcomes in outdoor lighting thanks to highly-efficient optic elements that fully illuminate the ground without dissipating light in the surroundings.

The new Flos outdoor collection Pointbreak by Piero Lissoni represents the perfect example: it is equipped with purpose-made 360° optics that can illuminate the area all around without glare.

Like a sort of ‘thechnological candles’, the Pointbreak luminaires work in a very controlled and delicate but efficient way, so as not to interfere with the natural environment and dissipate energy.


Sustainability Report 2020