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Sustainability: facts beyond words


In Flos we are conscious that sustainability is not ‘a’ key point, but ‘the’ key point for getting through present and future times. It is the generating source of a new mindfulness era and the pivotal topic of Flos’ acting as a responsible manufacturing company.

Our belief results in pervasive actions and in every single choice, process, project, directive at all corporate levels and beyond, up to the players of the value chain and to the stakeholders.

We demonstrate it by facts, figures and actions constantly in progress, on which we will keep you regularly updated. Since 2015 the Flos Sustainability Report has been yearly published to communicate the reached performances. The 2020 edition is expected at the end of July 2021.

Flos is ready

In the last quarter of 2021 the new European Ecodesign Directive (on the base of 2019/2020 EU Regulation for the lighting sector production) will come into force. The Directive aims to assess if the production is realized in the full respect of the environment and, alongside, with a positive impact on people interacting with them.

Flos, at a corporate level, has actively promoted this initiative, participating in the decision-making tables where the directions have been defined.

At the meantime, Flos started from time the implementation of many of these criteria in any phase of design, engineering and production in its four plants: Bovezzo (Flos, decorative collections), Bernareggio (Ares, outdoor collections) and Collebeato (Flos Bespoke, custom collections) in Italy, and Valencia (Antares, architectural collections) in Spain. Let’s see how.


Sustainability Report 2020