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New Skygarden Small

The Flos iconic lamp that brings to any home the magic of a decorated ceiling now in a new, smaller version

Product Skygarden Small
Designer Marcel Wanders studio
Photography Piero Fasanotto, Federico Torra


After the international success that Skygarden has been enjoying throughout the years, Flos now enriches its collection with a compact version that makes it suitable for smaller interiors or prestigious locations with limited spaces or low ceilings. The new version features a reduced internal plaster decoration with its ornamental loop. Despite the difference in size, Skygarden small leaves the magic intact: a fantasy of flowers, berries and leaves to admire on the ceiling, that special feature that makes it a timeless creation.
The finishes are white, black, matt back, gold and rusty brown.



Conceived as a suspension luminaire providing diffused lighting, Skygarden is the result of Wanders’ happy intuition to translate a moment of private life into design. When the Dutch designer had to move out of his home, where he could enjoy a ceiling with a beautiful plaster decor, he decided to detach it with its beautiful floral motifs and take it to the new home. Skygarden becomes, through design, the tale of this story. The result is a cast plaster dome, mechanically worked and painted white in the inside, with refined external chromatic finishes. An iconic lamp that skilfully mixes industrial approach and artistic vocation, minimalism and decoration.



Light Source
LED 8/10W E14 800/900lm 2700/3000K

Plaster, Glass, Stainless steel


Hanging lamp with diffuse light. White plaster internal dome. Exterior finishes in rusty brown, black, matt black, white, or gold colours. Dome support in aluminium alloy. Diffuser in blown milk glass. Decoration in photoengraved and deep drawn stainless steel. Polycarbonate rose in the same colour as the dome.



“This smaller version gives the Skygarden a new home, opening up a world of possibilities. Bringing the joy and enlightenment of its secret garden to new exciting places and for more eyes to see”. –Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director Marcel Wanders studio.


Product Skygarden Small
Designer Marcel Wanders studio
Photography Piero Fasanotto, Federico Torra