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ACT (Anti Corrosion Treatment)

Die-cast aluminium products can today be given further protection that increases the duration and level of their resistance to the effects of corrosion.

ACT is recommended for installations where products are exposed to critical environmental conditions: high levels of salinity in the air, pollution, corrosive chemicals, and fertilisers. It is also strongly recommended for products set into the ground, where there is therefore contact with the earth.



All Flos Outdoor products are treated with a double coating for high resistance to corrosion, using powders that comply with QUALICOAT standards. The first layer is an epoxy powder coating that provides excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, while the second layer is a polyester powder finish coat to ensure resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents. The Flos Outdoor product range comes in six standard colours.


The thickness and the adherence of the layer are constantly measured by specific tests that respect all environmental standards. This special coating guarantees high performance even in extreme climate conditions.

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The entire process for coating an element in aluminium starts with sandblasting of the various components, to make the surface more porous and increase adherence of the powders. Acid and alkaline baths are used to completely clean the surfaces, which are then rinsed with demineralized water to remove any residues, followed by a chemical conversion treatment to protect against rust.