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Flos Outdoor

Flos Outdoor is the Flos Group unit that specialises in the creation of cutting-edge design products for outdoor lighting. Headquartered in Bernareggio in the province of Monza e della Brianza, this division was set up in 2017 to work alongside the Decorative, Architectural and Bespoke sectors at Flos with a catalogue packed with lighting solutions for open-air spaces.


In line with the brand’s philosophy, the collection is designed by world famous creatives, whose unique unmistakable voices share the same concept of integration between illuminating body, architecture and natural setting. Pureness and poetry of form, teamed with the most advanced technologies in outdoor lighting and waterproof engineering, make Flos Outdoor an exciting collection that is also visually comfortable, safe and high performing.


The production process

Each production phase is followed with a passion by Flos Outdoor, thanks to highly specialised divisions. Our production unit covering over 12,000 m² houses the R&D offices, testing labs and a technologically advanced coating system. There is also an in-company division for the development, production and assembly of LED circuit boards, an electric and mechanical assembly line and a line for automated robotic application of silicone to the diffusors, to guarantee maximum waterproofing of the optical element.

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The in-company Lighting Engineering Design office also guarantees maximum competence in evaluation of the specific characteristics of any space and the needs of any client, in order to fine tune creative custom solutions that always guarantee the best conditions of visual comfort, efficiency and safety.

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